On the road again…♪

HELLO!  We’re Jade, Tony, Lou & Chach.  We are a typical family from British Columbia, Canada.  But in 2017, we did something quite atypical – our little family of 4 embarked on a new world adventure, swapping out our very comfortable and conventional lives in pursuit of more adventure around the world.

A little bit about us:

We are worldschoolers – where we have chosen to use the world as our classroom.  Although Lou and Chach attended a traditional school before we began our journey, through our experiences together they have flourished into independent, conscientious, and adventurous citizens of the world.

My husband & I left conventional ‘jobs’ so that we could take the opportunity to travel as a family.  We knew we wanted to do it one day, and we kept waiting for the right time.  But as with everything in life, the right time often never comes.  We realized that if we didn’t do it now, we might wake up one day and our kids may no longer even want to hang out with us!  So we took the plunge.  We started with a 1-year plan – but once we tried it we were hooked!

Since then we haven’t looked back!  Now we’re committed to sharing our experiences to help other families considering a life of travel too. 

Whether you’re already traveling a lot as a family, considering making the jump to worldschooling, or simply want to travel more in your life, the more we can all share with others the more accessible world travel can be for everyone!  Won’t you join us on our journey?


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