The day we left home our kidlets woke up while it was still dark outside, too excited to sleep anymore and filled with wonder about the new adventure ahead.  

It shouldn’t be a surprise to us that our children love adventure as much as we do, yet somehow we didn’t expect it. 

We travelled a lot pre-kids and always felt we had to get that one last trip in before starting a family, and that we’d simply have to hope the wanderlust would eventually go away.  We were fortunate that this ‘one last trip’ idea took us on adventures through much of Western Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, and South East Asia.  But we just didn’t think we could continue post-kids.  Yet here we are.  We’ve said goodbye to a conventional life and embarked on a journey as a location independent family to live around the world and remotely from, well, from wherever!  And we couldn’t be happier.

Our first stop will be across the Pacific – Taiwan.  Neither Tony nor I have ever been, but we’d always heard so many wonderful things about this place, especially about the food.  “I go there twice a year just for the food”, I heard a family-friend once say.  “I diet before I got and then I eat non-stop for 2 weeks while I’m there.  Even the smallest most hidden hole in the wall restaurant serves up great tasting food everywhere”.  This I had to see, and taste.  Those who know my background know that food has always been a big part of my life as well as travel, so anytime an opportunity to mix my two passions together comes up, I’m game.  

We’ll report back soon to share all about our experience in the capital city, Taipei. Stay tuned, and thanks for following!  Always be adventurous!